15 Tips for Your First Music Festival

Music Festivals are incredible experiences and heaps of fun. If you’re heading to your first music festival then keep reading for lots of tips and tricks to ensure you have an incredible time. Stick to the following rules and you'll be totally fine and you'll definitely get back to the next festival!

1. Get a map and artist schedule

Before you arrive try and print a map and artist schedule so that you know exactly where your favourite artists are playing and at what time. Alternatively, pick one up as you arrive at the festival. The last thing you want to do is go to a festival and miss some of your favourite acts.

2. Have a rendezvous point for friends

It can be extremely easy to get lost at festivals. They’re crazy busy and after some drinks, you might feel your sense of direction is a bit off. So avoid getting separated from your friends and always have a meeting point. Such as finding a good spot around the stage, and then tell your friends to stay put if someone goes for food or to the washroom.

3. Pack a portable charger or spare batteries

As we now all rely heavily on our phones and cameras it’s important you take spare batteries or a portable charger with you. If your festival is for a few days and they don’t provide any power sources then you may want to even take a few to keep you going.

4. Take wet wipes

A lot of people camp when staying at music festivals, which is fun, but after a while you can get a little smelly. There are occasionally showers but these can be very hit and miss. You may even take a towel and plan to use the shower, but after seeing the facilities be put off. For that reason consider taking wet wipes with you. I’ve spent four days at Glastonbury Festival before and using only wet wipes I felt clean enough to cope (for a festival).

5. Take toilet paper

Another must bring item is toilet paper. You’ll find toilets and they will often have toilet paper, but the last thing you want is to turn up and not have any, or the last person had dropped it on a wet floor.

6. Pack hand sanitiser

To maintain hygiene take hand sanitiser and use this after going to the toilet and before you eat anything. It’s almost impossible to stay completely hygienic, but by having a small bottle in your bag or pocket will definitely help keep germs away.

7. Drink lots of water

It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re having fun. Many people just drink lots of beer and other fun drinks when at festivals. But try and remember to keep up your fluid intake with water too. Consider taking a portable water bottle and filling it up at water stations. Or take several large bottles of water to leave in your tent.

8. Never leave valuables in your tent

Most people take some valuables to a music festival, such as phones and cameras. But remember not to leave anything valuable unsecured in a tent. Although hopefully, the majority of attendees are just there for the music and to have fun, there may be a few opportunists that can’t resist exploring through your stuff.

9. Pack a poncho

Being at a music festival in the rain can be fun, but it can grow old pretty quick. If the rain is heavy you might get completely drenched which is good for a while, but then as the temperature drops you might get cold and feel miserable. To stay dry pack a portable poncho. You’ll probably be able to buy these at the music festival, but they’ll likely be a premium price.

10. Take a money belt

A money belt is a safe way to protect your money. Festivals can be prime spots for pickpockets, and losing all your money would be disastrous for your first festival experience. A money belt, as well as protecting your cash from thieves, also tends to be a bit more secure under your clothes so you don’t drop your cash. If you don’t fancy having all your cash in your money belt, then you could consider taking a wallet and then just topping it up every now and then.

11. Take multiple bank cards

Whenever you travel it’s always a good idea to take multiple bank cards. This is in case you lose one, or your card stops working. Also, remember to put them in different places. If you have a money belt such as mentioned above, then you could have one in your wallet and one in your money belt.

12. Get a strap for your camera and phone

Most people at music festivals want to hold their camera or phone above their head and take videos or pictures. This is all good until someone bumps you and knocks your device out your hand. It then gets lost, stood on and becomes part of the mud. To prevent this take a wrist strap for your camera, and buy a case with one for your phone.

13. Pack Wellies

Wellies are a must for festivals, as they are often ridiculously muddy and if it rains you’ll be walking through a sticky swamp. You may not have any bad luck with the weather, but still take them in case the forecast gets it wrong. As well as wellies take old trainers or other footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty.

14. Take food and snacks

Festival food can be very expensive, so take as much food and snacks with you as possible. Snacks you can leave in your tent and just take a few with you each day. And many campsites allow you to cook hot food on a small stove. This can vary so check the rules and conditions before you go.

15. Don’t bring your best clothes

And finally this one is pretty obvious, but don’t bring your best clothes to a music festival. It’s likely they’ll get incredibly dirty and if it rains you are asking for trouble. You should also bring lots of spare clothes in case of bad weather, including spare footwear.


So these are top tips to help you have a successful and enjoyable first time at a music festival. Wherever you end up going this year stay safe, be careful and have an awesome time.